Q. What time is check in?
A. Check in is 2 p.m.  You can call the office for possible exceptions.  They will store your luggage for you if you arrive early and want to go to the beach right away.
Q. Can I bring pets?
A. No.  Kiskadee Casa comes complete with pets running around in the trees, including monkeys that will forage in the trees near the balcony and even climb on the railing while you are taking pictures of them.  Keep the door closed so they don't get in the house.
Q. Is there a maximum number of people?
A. 6 adults.  We can put a child on the couch or inflatable mattress.
Q. What animals can I expect to see?
A.  We have 3 kinds of monkeys that visit the house, some more frequent than others.  The rare titi or squirrel monkeys frequently forage in the trees on the property by the dozens.  At 4 or 5 in the afternoon you can hear their squeaks and they will play in the palms in the driveway and entertain you for an hour or more.  They often spend the night in our trees.  The white-face capuchins come less frequently but forage in the same trees and, also, come onto the balcony.  The howler monkeys sometimes can be heard and seen on the property if you are lucky.  You are likely to see iguanas, geckos, a beautiful skink, toads and frogs. You will need a sharp eye and a bit of luck to spot a sloth or some of the night creatures.  You can hear the scarlet macaws and toucans squawking and may be able to track them down for a view.  You should see some beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds and some alien-looking insects.
Q. Can I feed the monkeys?
A.  No!  As tempting as it may be, please do not feed them.  It is not good for them in many ways.  It can make them sick, harm their babies, encourage aggressiveness and cause them to develop other bad habits. There is actually a hotline to report people who feed them.  So, just enjoy.
Q.  Is there a pool?
A.  No. The beach is not far away.  Some of the local hotels will let you swim if you buy lunch or a drink.  There is a nice waterfall with a swimming hole nearby.  Ask the concierge for advice.  How many times have you stayed somewhere with a pool and not even used it?
Q.  Why shouldn't I stay in a hotel?
A.  Monkeys, full kitchen, laundry, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  Even for 2 people it's a good value.  For 4 or 6 it is even better.
Q. Can I drink the water?
A. Yes. The water is very safe.
Q. Can you recommend activities in the area?
A. Yes.  Just ask.  Tell us your interests and we can make sure you have a blast on your vacation!
Q. Do you have a crib?
A. Yes. We have a playpen for your infant's comfort.