Kiskadee Casa is our dreamy little vacation home in the hilly jungle of Costa Rica near the beaches of Manuel Antonio.  My wife and I bought the house in this gated community because we fell in love with the Manuel Antonio area and would like to retire here in the future.  We love to watch the monkeys, 3-toed sloths, macaws, toucans, geckos, iguanas, poison dart frogs, etc. that hang out in the yard.  We would appreciate it if you would post some photos of critters you see on our property to our Facebook page. The huge stands of bamboo in the front and back of the house are amazing and impressive.  We like to be able to pick fresh mangos, papayas, and bananas from the back yard, and we have planted coconut palms and will be planting many other varieties of fruit trees to attract more wildlife to our property.   We strive to be eco-friendly, having recently installed new, efficient air conditioning units, as well as LED lighting to save on energy costs.  We would like to share our home with you.  Enjoy!  Pura Vida.